The Jitterbug flip phone is designed with senior citizens in mind, providing an easy-to-use cell phone without complex features. One area that could use some simplification, however, is managing your recent call history log. If you’re looking to clear out old calls on your Jitterbug for privacy or to tidy up your call log, follow this walkthrough on deleting your call history.

Understanding Call Logs on the Jitterbug Phone

On most basic cell phones like the Jitterbug, every incoming and outgoing call is saved in your call logs, also known as your call history or recent calls list. This serves as a helpful record so users can quickly redial previous numbers or identify recent callers.

However, some Jitterbug owners prefer to regularly wipe their Jitterbug’s call history clean to protect privacy or keep their call log clutter-free. The process is thankfully quick, although it requires deleting calls one by one.

How to Delete Calls from Your Jitterbug’s Call History Log

Ready to wipe that call history clean? Just follow these simple Jitterbug directions:

  1. Press the button labeled “Menu” on your Jitterbug phone.
  2. Use the arrow keys to highlight “Recent Calls” and press “Select”.
  3. Here you will see your full call history list, with the most recent call at the top. Scroll to any individual call you want removed.
  4. With that specific call highlighted, press “Options” then select “Delete” and confirm by pressing “Yes” .
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each call, text or voicemail you want eliminated from your call log.

Unfortunately, there is no “delete all” option, so clearing multiple calls means manually selecting and deleting each one. But in just a few minutes you can have that call history cleared out.

  1. When finished deleting individual calls, press “OK” then press the red phone button to return to your home screen.

What Happens When You Delete Call History on the Jitterbug

When you delete a call on your Jitterbug phone, here is what you can expect:

  • Call is permanently erased from the call log/recent calls list
  • No record of that call remains in your phone history
  • Can no longer quickly redial deleted numbers
  • Space freed up in your phone’s limited storage capacity

Essentially, it’s like that call never happened as all traces of it are wiped from your Jitterbug.

Keeping Your Jitterbug Call Log Clutter-Free

As you can see, removing old calls on your Jitterbug phone is straightforward – just a little tedious. But periodically clearing out your call history ensures you have a clean record of only recent callers and conversations.

The simplicity yet lack of advanced features with the Jitterbug flip phone makes it an excellent, easy-to-use cell phone for seniors. Just be prepared to manually handle small tasks like keeping that call log tidy for maximum usability.

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