How to Delete an Instagram Chat from Both Sides

Instagram has become one of the most popular places for people to connect and chat. The simplicity and convenience of Instagram direct messaging makes it easy to have conversations with friends, family, coworkers and more.

However, there may be times when you want to remove a chat that is no longer relevant, inappropriate or that you want erased for privacy reasons. Fortunately, Instagram provides straightforward options to delete message threads from your inbox. But what about fully removing a conversation from both sides?

This guide will explain multiple methods to delete an Instagram chat from your account as well as completely erasing the messaging history from the other person’s app too.

Delete an Instagram Chat Just for You The easiest way to remove an Instagram conversation is to simply delete it from your own account’s inbox. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the paper airplane icon in the top right corner to access your messages.
  3. Swipe left on the conversation thread that you want to delete.
  4. Tap “Delete” to confirm removal of the entire chat from your inbox.

This will instantly erase your view and access to those messages. However, the conversation still exists in the other party’s direct messaging inbox. So while you free up space and remove it from sight, the chat history remains visible to them.

Use Instagram Website to Erase Chat In addition to the mobile app, you can use the desktop Instagram website to delete a conversation:

  1. Go to on your internet browser.
  2. Log into your Instagram account if you aren’t already signed in.
  3. Click the paper airplane icon to view your direct messages.
  4. Next to the conversation you want gone click the three dots icon to open the menu.
  5. Select “Delete Conversation” then confirm by clicking “OK”.

Similar to the mobile deletion process this erases the chat from your inbox while still keeping it intact on the other person’s side.

Ask the Other Person to Delete the Chat To entirely purge an Instagram conversation from both your account and the other party’s app, you need them to also delete the chat on their end. Here is an effective approach:

  1. Send them an Instagram DM politely asking them to delete your existing conversation. Explain why you would like the chat history removed for good.
  2. If they are willing to oblige, ask them to use the deletion steps outlined earlier that apply for their account.
  3. Once they confirm that the chat is erased from their side, you can then delete it using the app or website instructions above.

If you previously deleted the conversation, explain that in your request message. When they remove it on their end and let you know, that ensures total removal of the messaging history between you and the other person.

Block a User to Delete Convo If your chat partner refuses or ignores your request to delete a conversation from both ends, you do have one more option:

  1. Access your messages list on the Instagram app by tapping the paper airplane icon.
  2. Swipe left slowly on the user’s name at the top of your conversation thread with them. Do not swipe too fast or you will delete the chat instead.
  3. Tap “Block User” when this option appears.
  4. Confirm that you want to block this user when prompted.

By blocking someone, your conversation with that user will be instantly erased from both your inbox and theirs. So while more extreme than mutual deleting, it still accomplishes the goal of permanently removing an Instagram chat from all sides.

Recovering a Deleted Instagram Chat It’s important to note that once an Instagram conversation is deleted or a user is blocked, that chat history cannot be retrieved. The deletion is permanent on the Instagram app.

However, there is some limited capacity to recover recently erased chats on the Instagram website:

  1. Go to your messages folder at and log into your account.
  2. Click “Show Deleted Messages” at the very bottom of your messages list.
  3. Click the “Recover” button next to any deleted conversations from the past 10 days that you want to restore.

So if you or the other person accidentally deleted a chat you wanted to keep, quickly check the website while possible to bring it back.

But overall, understand that removing an Instagram conversation intentionally results in the messages being gone forever in most cases. Only the newest erasures have potential to be reversed.

Why You May Want to Delete Conversations There are a variety of reasons why you or someone else may want a direct message conversation eliminated completely from Instagram. Here are some of the most common:

  • The chat history is outdated or irrelevant now
  • You want to keep your message inbox clutter-free
  • The conversation contains sensitive, private or embarrassing information
  • You or the other person broke up and don’t want reminders of past messages
  • Someone shared inappropriate content or abused direct messaging
  • Keeping work, friend or family communications appropriately separated

Essentially, deleting old DMs can be both practical and also give you some peace of mind. Removing messaging history that is outdated, inappropriate or unnecessary can be healthy for moving forward.

Tips for Safely Messaging on Instagram Practicing responsible habits on Instagram can help prevent situations where deleting chats becomes necessary:

  • Be wise in how much private information you share via Instagram messaging.
  • Avoid sending content like embarrassing photos or videos that you wouldn’t want accessed by anyone in the future.
  • Don’t engage in arguments that could get heated and ugly over Instagram DMs.
  • Only chat one-on-one with people you know and trust in real life.
  • Be vigilant for spam messages from strangers and block/report them.
  • If someone makes you uncomfortable, report them to Instagram before blocking.

Exercising caution with your personal information and respectful communication will minimize scenarios where deleting messages becomes essential later on.

In summary, removing an Instagram conversation from just your account is straightforward. However, ensuring complete deletion from both your inbox and the other person’s account requires cooperation or blocking them. Being prudent about what info you share and who you chat with can also prevent the need to erase DMs down the road. Use Instagram’s messaging platform carefully and utilize these deletion options whenever necessary.

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