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Bingo Blitz is one of the most popular online bingo games, allowing players to enjoy free bingo games with power-ups and collectibles. However, some players may eventually wish to delete their Bingo Blitz account permanently. Fortunately, this process is relatively straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Bingo Blitz account.

How To Delete Bingo Blitz Account Through The Game

For iOS and Android app users, the easiest way to delete your account is directly through the Bingo Blitz app with these steps:

  1. Open the Bingo Blitz app on your device
  2. Tap your player avatar icon in the top left corner
  3. Scroll down and tap “Delete Account”
  4. You will be asked if you are sure you wish to permanently delete your account – tap “Yes”
  5. Enter your Bingo Blitz account password when prompted
  6. Tap the red “Delete My Account” button to confirm

Once you complete the steps above, your Bingo Blitz account should be permanently deactivated with all data erased from Bingo Blitz’s servers. This cannot be undone, so only follow these directions if you are absolutely sure.

How To Delete Bingo Blitz Account Through The Website

For those who typically play Bingo Blitz through the web browser on their PC or Mac, use these instructions instead to remove your account:

  1. Go to in your browser
  2. Click your avatar in the top right and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu
  3. Select the “Delete Account” tab
  4. Click the red button labeled “Permanently Delete Account”
  5. You will be prompted to enter your account password to confirm your identity
  6. Click the “Yes, Delete My Account” button to permanently erase your Bingo Blitz profile

Similar to with the mobile app, once you complete these steps there is no way to restore access to your old Bingo Blitz account. Only choose this option when you are fully committed to moving on.

What Happens When Your Bingo Blitz Account Is Deleted

After you successfully delete your Bingo Blitz player profile using either method above, here is what you can expect:

  • You will immediately be logged out of Bingo Blitz across all devices
  • You will not be able to log back in with your old username or password moving forward
  • All game progress, collectibles, friends lists, and transaction history will be erased
  • Personal data associated with your account will be removed from Bingo Blitz’s servers
  • You are free to register a brand new Bingo Blitz profile using a different email address, although you will have to restart from Level 1

So in summary, wiping your Bingo Blitz account gives you a clean slate if you ever decide to come back to the game later on. But all prior progress and purchases will be lost for good.

What To Do If You Change Your Mind After Deleting Account

Okay, so you went through the Bingo Blitz account deletion process but are now having second thoughts. Is there any way to restore access?

Unfortunately, once you have successfully deleted your Bingo Blitz account through the steps above, there is no way to retrieve it. The process is designed to be completely irreversible to protect user privacy.

Your only option is to create an entirely new account using a different email address. You will essentially have to start over from scratch and rebuild your progress over time. So be absolutely positive you want to remove your access permanently before taking that drastic step.

But the good news is Bingo Blitz is a fun and easy game to get back into, even if you have to recreate your collection of power-ups and re-level your profile. With a bit of playtime, you can get yourself back into the swing of things in the bingo rooms.

Alternative Option: Temporarily Disabling Account

Rather than delete your account outright, a less permanent option worth considering is temporarily disabling your Bingo Blitz profile instead. Here’s how:

  1. Access your account Settings through the app or website
  2. Choose to “Temporarily Disable Account” when prompted
  3. Your Bingo Blitz account will then be deactivated for up to 30 days
  4. During this time you can still log back in and reactive your profile to regain access before the deadline is up

Using this method allows you to essentially test out what it would be like to remove Bingo Blitz from your life. But your account will not be erased right away, giving you a window to change your mind.

So try a temporary disabling first if you are hesitant about permanent deletion. But if after 30 days you still feel good about the decision to quit playing, you can then delete the dormant account for good.

In conclusion, while the process may seem intimidating, deleting your Bingo Blitz account permanently or temporarily is reasonably straightforward. Simply access your account settings through the app or website and confirm your desire to deactivate your profile, then watch as your access instantly disappears. Just be absolutely certain before doing so, as the decision is irreversible! With the proper steps, you can quickly remove the app from your life if it is no longer bringing you joy and entertainment.

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