How to Delete Your Vimeo Account

If you no longer wish to have a Vimeo account deleting it is a straightforward process. Vimeo allows account holders to easily delete their accounts either directly through the Vimeo website or by contacting Vimeo Customer Care.

Reasons You May Want to Delete Your Vimeo Account

There are several reasons why you may no longer want or need to have a Vimeo account. Common reasons include:

  • You no longer regularly upload or share videos on Vimeo. Keeping an unused account open means your data and information remains stored on Vimeo’s servers when no longer needed.
  • You want to consolidate accounts and only use one video sharing platform instead of multiple. Removing extra accounts helps minimize data collection across services.
  • Privacy concerns over data collection. Vimeo does collect certain user data to optimize its services. Removing accounts provides more control over your information.
  • You are trying to cut back on screen time by reducing the number of accounts on entertainment/social platforms.

No matter what the reason, Vimeo has made the account deletion process quick and easy.

How to Delete Your Vimeo Account Through the Vimeo Website

  1. Go to and log into your account.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the Account section of Settings, click “Deactivate account” which is at the bottom under “Manage Account”.

  1. A pop-up will appear asking “Why are you deactivating your Vimeo Account?” You can select your reason from the dropdown menu but don’t have to.
  2. Check the box confirming “Yes, deactivate my account permanently.”
  3. Click the red “Deactivate Account” button.
  4. Vimeo will immediately deactivate then begin deleting your account. It can take up to 48 hours for the process to fully complete.

Once those steps are followed, your Vimeo account will be queued up for deletion. Vimeo notes it may take up to 48 hours to complete so you will lose access right away but some user data may still temporarily remain in backup systems until permanently erased. As long as you followed the proper steps, the entire account deletion will be completed within two days.

How to Delete a Vimeo Account Through Customer Care

If you prefer to have Vimeo Customer Care process the account removal, you can contact them with your request:

  1. Have your Vimeo account username, password, and email login details ready. Customer Care will need to verify your identity before proceeding.
  2. Call Vimeo Customer Care at the number 1 888 402 9273. This is Vimeo’s US-based phone support.
  3. Explain to the Customer Care agent that you wish to permanently close your Vimeo account. They will ask some verification questions to confirm it is your account.
  4. Assuming verification is successful, they will initiate deletion of the Vimeo account immediately while you are on the call.

As soon as Customer Care completes the account deletion during your call, the process will begin and typically take up to 48 hours. You lose access right away with data being permanently purged within two days. Following up with an email for written confirmation never hurts if you want documentation of requesting the account deletion.

What Happens When Your Vimeo Account is Deleted

Once your Vimeo account deletion is fully processed, here is what happens:

  • Your profile, videos, data, communications, and other account details are removed from Vimeo’s servers and systems. Any storage of your data immediately ceases.
  • Your account username is permanently eliminated and cannot ever be registered/used again by another account.
  • You automatically lose access to the account and ability to sign-in as soon as deletion initiates.
  • Paid subscription charges or memberships will be stopped and no new monthly fees occur going forward.
  • Videos you previously uploaded will no longer appear publicly to viewers. Embed codes for old videos will also cease functioning.

In essence, your presence and details vanish from Vimeo entirely. Deletion is designed to be complete and permanent. However, Vimeo notes some usage data may persist internally for analysis but only in aggregate without identifiable ties to you.

Things to Remember About Deleting Accounts

  • Vimeo will immediately cut off your access to the account as soon as you request deletion. So don’t delete until you’ve saved or downloaded videos/files you still want to keep.
  • Google and other search engines will still have your Vimeo videos cached and listed for some time until their indexing refreshes. Cache refreshing periods vary.
  • If you at some point create a new Vimeo account, it will essentially be a fresh start rather than restoring your old deleted account.
  • With account termination, you will lose the ability to access any paid content subscriptions or features unless you re-purchase them under a new account.

In Conclusion

Deleting a Vimeo account fully removes an account holder’s presence and data from Vimeo after a short waiting period. Vimeo’s systems permanently purge all cached and stored user data once account deletion completes. The process is designed to be straightforward either directly through Vimeo’s website settings or by enlisting Customer Care help. Just be certain to save anything you want to keep prior to deletion as you immediately lose access while waiting for the final deletion protocols to finish.

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