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Brigit is a popular personal finance app that provides cash advances and monitors user budgets. However, some individuals may eventually look to delete their Brigit account permanently or temporarily for a variety of reasons. This article will cover the key things to know about deleting your account and provide these instructions to do so properly.

Deciding If You Should Delete Your Brigit Account

Before immediately deleting your account, consider what is motivating you to do so. Common reasons include:

  • You no longer require the cash advance or budgeting features Brigit offers
  • You are concerned about data privacy and want Brigit to erase your information
  • You feel the app enables poor spending behaviors you want to avoid
  • You signed up without fully understanding Brigit’s services

If any of those reasons resonate, deleting your account could be prudent. Remember the effects are permanent, so carefully evaluate if removing access aligns with your financial goals.

How To Delete A Brigit Account Through The Mobile App

For those currently using the Brigit app on iOS or Android devices, follow these instructions to delete your account:

Delete Your Brigit Account

  1. Open the Brigit mobile app and log into your account
  2. Tap the “Settings” icon displayed as a gear symbol
  3. Scroll down and select “Close Account”
  4. Tap “Continue” then “Confirm Account Closure”
  5. Enter your account password when prompted
  6. Select the red “Close Account” button to permanently deactivate

Once you hit that final button, your account will immediately close. You cannot retract the decision, so only follow those steps if you are fully committed to removing Brigit from your financial life.

Deleting An Account Through The Brigit Website

If you primarily access Brigit through its website, use these steps instead to close your account:

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. Click your profile icon and choose “Settings”
  3. Select “Close Account” on the left sidebar
  4. Toggle the switch to “Confirm Account Closure”
  5. Enter your account password when prompted
  6. Click the red “Close Account” button to finalize your decision

As with the mobile app, once your account is closed via the website, there is no way to restore access. The effects are permanent, so carefully consider if you genuinely want to part ways with Brigit before confirming closure.

What Happens After Your Brigit Account Is Deleted

Once your account closure is complete, here is what you can expect:

  • Immediate logout from Brigit across all registered devices
  • Inability to log back into your prior account in the future
  • Removal of all personal details and activity history from Brigit’s servers
  • Loss of access to any remaining cash advance balance

Essentially, removing your account from Brigit’s systems gives you a clean slate as if you never signed up. But any pending cash advance amounts will not be recoverable.

If you ever decide to give Brigit another try down the road, you would have to create an entirely new account with a different email address, starting budget management over from scratch.

What If You Change Your Mind About Closing Your Account?

It’s perfectly normal to have some regrets after making the major decision to delete your Brigit account. But unfortunately, once you have successfully closed your account through the app or website instructions above, there is absolutely no way to restore access.

The account deletion process is designed to be completely irreversible to protect user data privacy when they indicate they no longer want that information stored. So even if you contact Brigit support directly, they cannot reactivate closed accounts.

Before confirming the permanent closure, consider instead temporarily deactivating your account, which pauses access for 30 days while still retaining your information.

But if after careful thought you still proceed to close your account fully, there will be no going back. Your only option is starting fresh by creating a brand new account with Brigit.

In Summary…

Deleting your personal finance account with Brigit is a permanent decision that severs your relationship with their mobile app and website. Carefully consider what is motivating you to leave before following the above instructions to close your account access for good through the mobile app or website portal. Once accounts are deleted, the effects cannot be reversed. So be 100% confident in your choice before tapping that final “Close Account’ button and saying goodbye to Brigit for the last tim

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